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About Cochin

Corporation of Cochin

The City Development Plan of Kochi has been prepared after a series of consultations with the key stakeholders, consisting of Senior Citizens, Mayor, Ex- Mayors, M.L.A.s, M.P.s, Industrialists, Environmentalists, N.G.O.s, councillors and experts in various fields. The process of arriving at a vision for the city started from 1994, with the introduction of the 73rd & 74th CAA which gave powers to the Local Bodies to formulate their long term & short term plans. The Vision Document for Cochin was prepared in 2002 and the preparation of Master Plan for the city is in its final stages.



Demography and Economic base

Traffic and Transportation

Basic Services to the Urban Poor

Heritage and Tourism

Environmental Protection

Social Aminities

Municipal Finance

Urban Reforms and Egovernance

Mobilization and Finance

Contact Details of Local Bodies


Investment Plan

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